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Frequently Asked Questions

Local Macungie Agreement Questions

Why do we need to work an 8 ½ hour workday? Isn’t it illegal?
The Company needs the 8 ½ hour workday to increase market share. With the 2019 contract and ones prior, we only worked 7 hours and 14 minutes. Which included a paid lunch. The extra half hour of work time is needed to produce more trucks, since we are not able to increase the size of the building. We will be working 7 hours and 44 minutes. Initially the Company wanted an unpaid lunch. We were able to get the Company to agree to a paid lunch, which is not legally required per Federal or State laws, as lunch is not legally considered ‘time worked’. The Company also agreed to pay all paid time off at 8 ½ hours, such as vacation time, casuals, bereavement, etc. We were able to get the implementation pushed to June 2025 to get parts issues resolved and to allow the membership to adapt to the new schedule.

Federal Law Regarding Meal Breaks – Regulation on Meal Periods
PA regulations considering breaks – What is the Law Regarding Breaks and Meal Periods?

What happens with A&S in regard to losing your job after 6 months?
We were able to negotiate that jobs are protected until an employee goes on Long Term Disability (LTD), we still have language which will ‘with a hardship’, potentially allow to extend job ownership past one year of being out of their job.

Has anything changed with Article 9 regarding changing shift?
Article 9, Change of Shift, is still allowed for hardship reasons. Article 9 is suspended for 18 months, which was done to re-establish the traditional bidding process to allow movement and restore everyone’s seniority which had been severely restricted with the pre-bid system. It is expected that manpower movement will be much easier than it has been in the past few contracts.

Why are skilled trades being told they must have scheduled overtime?
Skilled trades are having scheduled overtime, to avoid having a 4th shift and having outside contractors performing their work.

Master Agreement Questions
After 11/7/2023 meeting questions will be posted

Keep in mind we are not just negotiating against the Company but also current Federal and state labor laws.