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  • The New American Road Trip: Featuring the Chevrolet Bolt EV September 24, 2018
    On Sunday, September 23, The New American Road Trip made a stop at GM’s Orion Assembly Plant in Lake Orion, Michigan. The road trip is traveling from San Francisco to New York City, highlighting advances in sustainable manufacturing across the country. The trip is being carried out in a Bolt EV, which was manufactured at […]
    Lauren Coffman
  • Holy UAW, Batman! September 15, 2018
    Today we celebrate National Batman Day by celebrating the role UAW members played in the creation of one of Hollywood’s most famous line of vehicles – The Batmobile.   “Quick! To the Batmobile!”     The Batmobile first swung into popularity in 1966 when a futuristic 1955 Lincoln Futura prototype was transformed into the crime-fighting vehicle […]
    Lauren Coffman
  • Statement of Cindy Estrada on CPG Facility Announcement September 5, 2018
    “UAW members at FCA are proud to be part of our automotive future with this state of the art $30 million testing facility for autonomous driving and advanced safety technologies. The work at this facility will not only create safer driving technology for all passengers, it will create the future high-quality jobs for all FCA […]
    Lauren Coffman
  • Right-To-Work is Wrong for American Workers September 5, 2018
    By: L. E. Bunch, retired UAW member I read the column by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in the  July 15, 2018 Detroit News that encourages workers not to belong to their union based on the recent U. S. Supreme Court ruling. The center even directs one to the forms on their website for […]
    Lauren Coffman
  • Labor Day in Detroit September 4, 2018
    Workers from throughout Michigan gathered under a clear sky and blistering heat for Detroit’s Labor Day March in a display of solidarity that showed the power of unions to ensure fair treatment for workers. Workers, allies and pro-worker candidates joined the march to stand up for working families. At a gathering at Solidarity House in […]
    Lauren Coffman
  • Local 3000 Gives Back August 28, 2018
    UAW members serve their local communities in many ways. Local 3000 members prove that more than 15 times a year sponsoring charity events for those in need. Their latest give back to the community? An annual mobile food pantry in August run by local members at Ford Motor Co.’s Flat Rock, Michigan, Assembly Plant where […]
    Lauren Coffman
  • NAFTA Negotiations on Track but Not Done August 27, 2018
    Joint statement from five labor leaders on the latest North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) news: NAFTA has had a devastating impact on workers for more than 25 years. We are aggressively engaged in pursuing an agreement that works for working people in all three countries, and we are not done yet. There is more […]
    Lauren Coffman
  • UAW endorses Dana Nessel for Michigan Attorney General August 20, 2018
    WARREN, Mich — The UAW has unanimously endorsed Dana Nessel for Michigan Attorney General. Commenting on the endorsement are UAW leadership from Region 1, Region 1A and Region 1D. REGION 1 – Director Frank Stuglin “An Attorney General needs to be fearless in protecting the labor rights and civil rights of UAW members and Michiganders. […]
    Lauren Coffman
  • Columbia University Postdocs form union with UAW, petition NLRB for election; first private university postdoc effort expands growing academic union movement August 10, 2018
    NEW YORK CITY — A majority of the 2,000 postdoctoral researchers at Columbia University have formed a union and today filed a petition initiating the certification process with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). “After hundreds of conversations, meetings and town halls across the university over the last year, we are excited to take this […]
    Chris Skelly
  • Big Labor Wins on Key Day of Primaries August 8, 2018
    DETROIT — Working families and working Americans sent a clear message in key primary races Tuesday that 2018 is about the pocketbook, not ideological battles. Voters in Missouri rejected so-called “Right-to-work” for less; elected key labor candidates in primaries in Michigan, Missouri and Washington, and took an open GOP seat in Ohio to a neck […]
    Lauren Coffman
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