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  • Statement from UAW President Gary Jones on the FCA Announcement of Mike Manley July 21, 2018
    “UAW FCA members look forward to working and bargaining with Mike Manley and his team as we head into the 2019 negotiations. Mr. Manley inherits a proud workforce that is known for its quality work and is committed to building the best products in the industry.” The post Statement from UAW President Gary Jones on […]
    Lauren Coffman
  • Region 4 Greathouse Center is Looking Great Again July 9, 2018
    PHOTO: PHILIP EULER / UAW LOCAL 2096 New Education Facility Replaces One Damaged by Tornado The rebuilt UAW Region 4 Pat Greathouse Education Center was dedicated on a sunny spring day in early May, a far cry from the turbulent weather more than a year ago that led to the demolition of the old UAW […]
    Chris Skelly
  • Together we win: A Contract, 2 Organizing Wins and 2 Strikes July 6, 2018
    Columbia University graduate workers walked off the job during finals to protest the administration not recognizing their union, even though the election was certified by the National Labor Relations Board. The graduate workers demand that the administration immediately begin contract negotiations. Plenty of Activity in Higher Education Academic workers at the University of Connecticut (UConn), […]
    Chris Skelly
  • Together we win: A Fighter for Freelancers July 3, 2018
    Local 1981 Wins Large Settlements Being a freelance journalist is tough work. Beyond the many hours of research, reporting and writing a freelancer must perform, finding publications willing to buy their work is time consuming. Many freelancers know that in a lot of cases, non-payment or slow payment is just a cost of doing business. […]
    Chris Skelly
  • Statement from UAW President Gary Jones on SCOTUS Janus Decision June 27, 2018
    “Today’s Supreme Court Janus decision is yet another effort to put obstacles in front of working men and women to join collectively behind the power of a unified voice. To be clear, labor will survive. But to be equally clear, our elections do matter, as the appointment of conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch by the Republican-led Senate left […]
    Lauren Coffman
  • Senator Brown Calls on GM to Keep American Jobs June 26, 2018
    Yesterday, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown delivered a speech on the Senate floor calling on GM to invest in Ohio workers. Last week, GM announced it would produce the Chevrolet Blazer in Mexico, even as the second shift ended at the Lordstown facility. Brown called on GM to move production of the Blazer back to the […]
    Lauren Coffman
  • Statement from UAW President Gary Jones Opening Bargaining for Local 6000 State of Michigan Employees June 25, 2018
    It is truly an honor to be here today. I am so pleased to be part of the official handshake to open up bargaining, but more importantly, I am here to support the UAW Local 6000 bargaining team and President Ed Mitchell. I know state workers’ jobs are on the line — every day. Threats […]
    Lauren Coffman
  • Union front: Thanks for a Million-Plus Miles June 22, 2018
    Texas Man Credits UAW Workmanship for his Van’s Longevity It’s hard not to love a product when after a million miles, it’s still in service. Robert Vigil, a contractor who operates a cargo service out of El Paso, Texas, was so impressed with his 1999 Chevrolet Express 2500 cargo van’s performance that he had to […]
    Chris Skelly
  • Statement From UAW Vice President and Director of the UAW-GM Department Terry Dittes on GM’s Blazer Announcement June 21, 2018
    “This news that the iconic Blazer nameplate will be built in Mexico is disappointing to UAW families and communities across this country. GM employs over 15,000 production workers in Mexico, pays the workers less than $3 per hour and exports over 80% of the vehicles to the U.S. to sell here. This is all happening while UAW-GM […]
    Lauren Coffman
  • UAW VP Cindy Estrada, Director of the FCA Department, Congratulates Belvidere UAW Members on Jeep Cherokee Most American Award June 21, 2018
    Cars.com has released its annual American-Made Index, naming the 2018 Jeep Cherokee the most American-made vehicle. The Index ranks cars based on the percentage of parts and supplies originating in the United States. The Jeep Cherokee, assembled by UAW members in Belvidere, Illinois, rose from number 2 in the 2017 rankings to take this year’s […]
    Lauren Coffman
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