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  • Statement on Memorial Day from UAW President Gary Jones May 24, 2019
    On this Memorial Day Weekend, I know you will join me in reflecting on why such a time is possible, and give thanks to the brave men and women who gave everything to protect our freedoms and safeguard this nation. These American brothers and sisters of ours gave the ultimate sacrifice — and they will […]
    Chris Skelly
  • UAW Files New Petition for Chattanooga Workers May 22, 2019
    This afternoon, in accordance with today’s NLRB ruling, the UAW filed a new petition on behalf of Chattanooga production and maintenance workers. This morning the NLRB directed the Board’s Regional Office to dismiss a petition filed on April 9 but stated that the UAW could “immediately file a new petition.”  This afternoon, as soon it […]
    Chris Skelly
  • Statement on behalf of Chattanooga Volkswagen workers May 22, 2019
    Volkswagen Workers: We’ve Waited Long Enough! Let us Vote! In an unprecedented move caused by Volkswagen’s legal games, the NLRB this morning issued a split decision and dismissed Chattanooga workers petition for a vote, but allowed it to be refiled. This decision allows Chattanooga workers to quickly file another petition but creates yet another delay […]
    Chris Skelly
  • UAW’s response to Mercy Hospital May 18, 2019
    Thank you for providing the May 20, 21, and 22 dates to resume bargaining. All three Bargaining Committees will be available for each of those dates. The fact that the Hospital is now willing to set meeting dates with the UAW is encouraging. In your email, you request the UAW to come prepared with proposals […]
    Chris Skelly
  • UAW President Gary Jones Shows Support for Mercy Health Workers May 18, 2019
    Although Mercy Health officials finally set aside dates to resume negotiations with striking hospital workers, UAW President Gary Jones called on the hospital to arrive to the talks ready to bargain in earnest and craft an agreement that is fair to all parties and patients. In response to the UAW’s requests to continue talks, and […]
  • Statement on Behalf of Chattanooga Volkswagen Workers May 16, 2019
    Let Chattanooga workers vote. After insisting for the last four years that they would only agree to a vote of all production and maintenance workers, Volkswagen has now blocked just such a vote. VW’s manipulation of the NLRB process to halt a vote of its workers is a travesty. Free, democratic elections are a cornerstone […]
    Chris Skelly
  • Statement from UAW Vice President Terry Dittes on GM Announcement May 8, 2019
    In response to General Motors’ announcement today, the UAW’s position is unequivocal: General Motors should assign a product to the Lordstown facility and continue operating it. A federal lawsuit filed by the UAW over the closing of the Lordstown, Baltimore and Warren facilities is still pending, and the UAW will continue its effort to protect […]
  • Flint Lear employees vote to join UAW May 3, 2019
    Nearly 600 employees of the new Lear manufacturing facility in Flint agreed join the UAW on Thursday. “We are thrilled to bring Lear’s exceptional workers into the UAW family, and are excited about the prospect of new jobs available in Flint,” said Gary Jones, president of the UAW. “The UAW represents over 400,000 members and […]
  • Union front – Mexican Auto Work Volume has Grown Seven-Fold April 30, 2019
    So We Know NAFTA was Bad. How Bad? For UAW members, it’s something they just know. NAFTA bled UAW jobs. But as the “New NAFTA” (called the USMCA) makes its way to the Senate for debate, how bad was the old NAFTA? Well… pretty bad. Since NAFTA passed in 1994, the Mexican auto workforce grew […]
    Chris Skelly
  • Nurses, Service and Technical Staff at Toledo Mercy St. Vincent Hospital Issue 10-Day Notice to Strike April 26, 2019
    TOLEDO – Over 2,200 workers have issued a 10-day notice of intent to strike at Mercy Health – St. Vincent Hospital in Toledo. UAW Region 2B issued the notice on behalf of workers at the hospital that include a Registered Nurses bargaining unit (Local 2213), as well as Technical and Support bargaining units (Local 12). […]
    Chris Skelly
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