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Serving workers of Mack Trucks, Americold Logistics ,Lower Saucon Municipal, and First Student

Chartered in 1939

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UAW Local 677 at 75 Years

Today we celebrate 75 years of Unionism in a world which has attacked unions from the beginning. In the late 1800's the Knights of Labor numbered in the 800,000 until they were literally massacred and disbanded. The attacks have not waned, for if we read what President Sensinger wrote in 1949 -

"Anti-trust laws are intended to prevent a few people with powerful financial and business interests doing great damage to many other people. These interests are restrained from doing certain things that would eliminate competition and in time bring such high centralization that a few would have control of everything people needed to live. This would ultimately lead to complete control of the very lives of the many by the few, with all the attendant evils - destruction of men, their hopes, their incentive to create something better for themselves and their fellow men.

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